Quick overview

The WBD-500 is a powerful, 500mW (27dBm) integrated radio platform offering seamless wireless performance on the 2.4 GHz spectrum. The embedded chipset-radio design enables robust performance at an affordable price point by eliminating the need for additional mini-PCI radio hardware. With its small form factor, the WBD-500 can integrate into a variety of enclosures, both indoor and outdoor and can be used in a variety of wireless applications, including 802.11b/g customer premise equipment, access points, as well as point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless bridges. The WBD-500 contains 8 MB flash memory and 32 MB RAM on-board, which can support a variety of robust software applications, including the pre-loaded WILI-S software suite, a carrier-class software platform with robust security and management features. The WBD-500 can be preconfigured with either the CPE or AP version of the WILI-S graphical user interface, and is also firmware factory-compatible – an online tool for developing customized firmware and graphical user interfaces (SKINS). In addition, the WBD-500 is designed to work in an outdoor environment with on-board Ethernet surge protection, polarity independent POE, as well as on-board overvoltage and overheating protection. The WBD-500 features wide input voltage range (from 9V to 52V), allowing for easy integration and compatibility with a variety of power supplies. The on-board radio is an Atheros chipset design (AR2315) and contains advanced features such as 5/10/20 MHz channel capabilities as well as quarterwave RF protection for superior signal isolation. At a screaming 500 mW output power and excellent receive sensitivity, the WBD-500 allows for achieving long-range wireless links with unparalleled performance.